Julie Blackfeather can offer a variety of artistic services!

Performance/Music Collaboration- Julie Blackfeather loves to collaborate with musicians, electronic producers, and live bands.She is experienced in improvisational dance alongside world class acts. For a more refined collaboration, you can chat with her about making a choreography.Whether you are a promoter looking to add more energy to your event, or a musician wanting a visual element to your performance, she has the drive to bring excitement to the performance.

Lessons-Learn isolation’s and sinuous movement in a Tribal style. She offers courses periodically in her home base of Mendocino County.Private lessons can also be arranged.

Choreography-She can perform a piece made specifically for your event, or she can craft a sequence for your dance troupe. Please reach out with details and she can create a piece tailored to your needs.

For any inquires, please visit the contact page.