Julie Blackfeather came from Sitka, Alaska, a member of the Kaagwaantaan clan
of the Tlingit Nation. She started studying dance when she was three years old–
training in both classical ballet and the traditional dance of her tribe for over 12
years. After moving to Northern California, she embraced the opportunity to
master bellydance, and to work with electronic musicians. She was a member of
Troupe Satya for 3 years, performing bellydance at Rakkasah West, Tribalfest,
and other festivals. Since 2015, she has been performing as a solo dancer. She is
also a founding member of the dance trio Mystik Arcana, using her art to manifest
archetypal stories and emotions.
When Julie Blackfeather takes the stage, musicians respond to her deep
connection, respect, and engagement with their work. The level of intensity goes
up, and audiences are enthralled. She has brought her vision of passionate tribal
fusion dance to performances with Shpongle, Ott, Desert Dwellers, Kaya Project,
Stylust Beats, Andreilien, An-ten-nae, Drumspyder, Kaminanda and others. Her
musical sensitivity and her deeply empathic connection with both the musicians
and the audience has riveted crowds at festivals like Wavespell and Serenity
Gathering as well as major venues in San Francisco and Portland.
Currently, Julie Blackfeather is in production on a music video with master
percussionist Drumspyder, and is guest choreographer at Mendocino College. Her
dance piece “Ancestral Memories” was produced by the College Dance
Department in 2019. She has an active private teaching schedule as well.

Julie Blackfeather & Blackfeather Dance would like to hear about any Booking inquires for professional collaborations with other performers or musicians on her contact page.